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The State of Healthcare Employee Experience 2024

When it comes to employee engagement, what separates the best healthcare organizations from the rest? And given limited resources, what aspects of healthcare EX are the most critical for driving increased engagement?

National healthcare benchmark data from 3.85 million healthcare workers across 500+ systems, as well as our own customer database of large healthcare organizations in North America, reveals new insights into the employee experience.

Download the report for a deep dive into the data, plus insights from our team of Workforce Transformation Consultants on the biggest trends, including: 

  • The number one driver of healthcare employee engagement today
  • What’s behind the widening employee engagement gap in healthcare?
  • Are increased efforts to improve worker well-being actually moving the needle?
  • The particular influence of senior leadership, especially during periods of change, and
  • Our predictions for the trends that will impact healthcare EX in 2025 and beyond.