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The State of the Healthcare Employee
Experience 2023

“The challenges facing the healthcare industry – including staffing shortages, attrition, and burnout – are daunting. Yet actively listening to employee needs, and acting on their feedback, creates an opportunity for transformation.”

National healthcare benchmark data from more than 3.65 million healthcare workers across 500+ systems, as well as our own study of more than 1.600 U.S. physicians and nurses, sheds new light on the employee experience in the healthcare sector and reinforces an urgent need to ensure the well-being of the caregivers they employ.

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Download the full report to discover:

  • Current employee engagement trends for large healthcare organizations
  • Which drivers of employee experience had the greatest impact on patient experience
  • Why we must tailor listening for physicians and other advanced care providers
  • Emerging areas of strength – such as attention to employee health and well-being, teamwork, training and skills development, and senior leadership effectiveness – that can be leveraged to improve the healthcare EX and worker optimism