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New Report Finds Political Opinions Play A Big Role Within Organizations

Survey finds most employees talk politics at work; two-thirds have considered looking for a new job due to the political beliefs of the people they work with.

Perceptyx’s survey of over 3,000 working Americans found nearly 7 out of 10 employees have discussed politics with a co-worker in the last year, and more than 40 percent revealed that they have had both a political disagreement at work and that a co-worker has tried to persuade them to change their political party.

This research-based report analyzes 53 practices encompassing leadership, culture and communication, learning and talent strategies, pay and benefit offerings, remote work, workplace configurations, and HR skills and capabilities.

So what are the repercussions of all of these politically-charged conversations at work, and what roles do the company, manager, and co-worker play on our thoughts and behaviors?

Perceptyx Research & Insights Report - Politics in the Workplace

Download this free report to learn more about the unexpected findings of our research—and the actions you can take to benchmark your practices and prioritize plans for coming months.

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