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Think you know how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting your employees? Think again.

Our research has yielded some surprising insights.

The Young and the Restless Report

The disruption of the pandemic has upended some traditional assumptions about employee engagement and needs. Among the surprises: groups who traditionally have high engagement levels are struggling, and the employees best prepared for work in a remote setting are those most eager to return to physical workplaces.

In the report you’ll learn:

  • Which employees are most likely to be struggling to feel connected to the organization.
  • Which employees are most likely to feel less supported and productive working remotely.
  • How return-to-work preferences vary by employee age cohort.
  • Actions you can take to help employees feel more connected and supported.

Download this free report to learn more about the unexpected findings of our research—and the actions you can take to help employees transition through the crisis and see the way forward to the new normal.

For a full list of COVID-19 response resources, including more information about the no-cost COVID-19 employee surveys, visit our COVID-19 Resources page.

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