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Josh Bersin Identifies the Five Essential Strategies for DE&I Excellence

“Real Inclusion is the goal, and diversity is the result.”

The People Analytics Playbook

Download this landmark research report, written by Josh Bersin and Kathi Enderes, to discover the specific steps organizations should take to design and execute diversity and inclusion programs that drive real business impact.

Josh Bersin, leveraging survey technology from Perceptyx, is conducting an ongoing study to identify the specific practices organizations are taking to increase workforce diversity and equity, and create a more inclusive environment. The study is also designed to uncover which DEI practices most matter for delivering positive business outcomes.

In this research-based report you’ll have access to:

  • The 5 essential strategies for DE&I excellence, including a mandate for comprehensive employee listening
  • Top findings related to leadership practices, culture and communication, learning and talent strategies, DE&I team structures, and specific HR skills and capabilities
  • A Maturity Model for DE&I
  • Recommendations for what HR and Business leaders should do now to create a more inclusive workplace
  • Lessons from the Frontlines, including real-world success stories from Tetra Pak, Siemens, Target, Consumer Reports, and Hilton

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