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Why Hybrid Work Wins for Healthy Employees and a Healthier Organization

Changing federal and local guidelines, repeated viral surges, and differing views about where exactly employees should work have forced organizations to reinvent their return-to-office models numerous times. Two years later, for managers and employees alike, the core question has evolved from, “When will we go back?” to “How will we go back?” to “Should we go back at all?”

Why Hybrid Work Wins for Healthy Employees and a Healthier Organization

New research from Perceptyx indicates that while Officism is alive and well, and will require organizations to upskill their managers and prioritize more equitable behaviors, employees are unwilling to return to the pre-pandemic days of long commutes, inflexible schedules, and poor work-life balance.

Download the full report, detailing our data from more than 1,400 working Americans, to discover why hybrid work may represent the best of both worlds for both healthy employees and healthy workplaces, including new insights on:

  • How hybrid workers compare to their in-office and all-remote counterparts in terms of productivity, engagement behaviors, work/life balance, and professional relationships,

  • The lengths employees will go to preserve the flexibility they’ve enjoyed for the last two years, including potential impacts to advancement and compensation,

  • Why the quality of face-to-face interactions with peers and managers matters far more than the quantity, regardless of location, and

  • Actions organizations can take now to respond to workers’ demands for more autonomy, build stronger personal connections, and retain critical talent.

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