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Getting More Out of Early Lifecycle Surveys

Insights Webcast Series: Episode 2

By Megan Steckler, Senior Consultant, Perceptyx


Lifecycle surveys are one of the most popular forms of continuous listening programs today. Many organizations conduct onboarding surveys to focus on the moments that matter in a new hire’s experience, but few are using their onboarding data strategically.

Onboarding is one point in the lifecycle, but connecting the insights from that stage to census survey data, exit data, or other organization metrics is often a missed opportunity to understand how they relate to future success, engagement, and retention.

Join Megan Steckler, Senior Consultant at Perceptyx, and listen to the recorded webinar in our “Insights Webcast Series” which provides insight into best practices for designing a strategic onboarding survey program and making the most of lifecycle survey data.

3 Key Takeaways Include:

  1. Rethink onboarding to focus on the longer-term journey.
  2. Best practices and considerations when designing a strategic onboarding survey program.
  3. Connect insights from onboarding through the rest of the employee lifecycle.

To learn more about onboarding surveys and how the Perceptyx platform can enable you connect insights from onboarding through the employee lifecycle request a demo today.