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If You Ask, Ask, Ask, Then You’d Better
Act, Act, Act


After understanding each client’s business problems and strategic goals, we partner with them to create a listening strategy that leverages a variety of survey types and survey frequencies to collect the information we need at the most appropriate time.

There is one methodology that we recommend to all our clients: action planning. Our action planning tool is an evidenced-based method for behavioral change and improving engagement at the grassroots team level. As easy as 1, 2, 3 in the Perceptyx platform, managers:

  1. Select one issue to focus on. Our AI-powered platform provides suggestions to the manager front and center in their results dashboard. These are the issues that, if focused on, will produce the largest gains in the team’s engagement.
  2. Identify two things to do about it, nudged with platform generated recommendations and resources customized to each issue.
  3. Commit to three dates they will discuss/review this topic with their team.

Download this free guide today to learn how to implement an effective action planning strategy to drive business outcomes, sooner.

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