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Employee Listening Maturity Model

Understand Your Organization’s Progress on the Path from
Episodic Listening to Continuous Conversations at Scale

Listening Man illustration

As revealed in our 2024 State of Employee Listening research, 98% of responding organizations surveyed all of their employees in the past year, and 3 in 4 have even more listening events planned. But without the right benchmarks, it can be hard to gauge your program’s full impact.

Perceptyx created our interactive Maturity Model assessment to help you diagnose your organization's current maturity stage and identify the practices needed to realize the full benefits of a robust listening and actioning strategy.

The assessment takes just 5 minutes and once complete, you’ll receive a personalized report detailing:

  • Your organization's specific listening maturity stage as compared with the 750+ large U.S. organizations that participated in our study,
  • Your listening program strengths as well as areas of opportunity,
  • Key questions to ask as you consider your readiness to advance, and
  • Recommended next steps to continue your journey up the maturity curve.

Complete the form now to launch your assessment!

Perceptyx Employee Listening Maturity Model