For HR people
leaders in healthcare

An active community focused on sharing and learning from the voices of employees to address today’s top healthcare challenges.


What is it? Active learning exchange.

The Consortium is an energetic forum of healthcare organizations that share in common a belief that employee voice is vital input for addressing top challenges in healthcare today. Members learn from each other by generating, sharing and applying new insight to actively improve the healthcare workplace.

What is our focus? Collaboration on new insights
and actions.

The Consortium is focused on enabling innovative research and exploration around top employee and workforce themes. Members participate in producing differentiated, robust data sets that are timely, relevant and actionable to people leaders on the frontlines of healthcare today.

3 reasons to join this special consortium.


Topics that matter.

There are lots of learning networks out there, but this one is focused on healthcare worker insight and feedback around workplace issues that matter most today like workforce engagement and retention, DEIB, burnout and wellbeing, and safety culture.


Comparable data.

Nothing is more powerful than comparing your organizational dataset to aggregate or peer results. Learn about actions other systems are taking to improve outcomes and collaborate with peers to generate and apply innovative solutions.


Smart forums.

This is a chance to roll up your sleeves to listen, learn and share. A cadence of strategic convenings will include working dialogue between members, active topical worksessions, expert facilitation, and actionable output around key research themes across the year.

Consortium Advisory Board.

Matthew Gosney, Ed.D.

VP Organizational Development &
Learning Services, UCHealth

Consortium Co-Chair, 2023

Russell Hoffmann

VP Organizational Development &
Culture, BJC HealthCare

Consortium Co-Chair, 2023

David Gill, Ph.D.

VP Culture & Experience,
Northwell Health

Ekta Vyas, Ph.D.

Chief Human Resources Officer,
Keck Medicine of USC

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