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Join Perceptyx and HR leaders and innovators from around the globe for the UNLEASH World Expo in Paris! This is the largest show in the world on the Future of Work and HR Technology and Perceptyx is thrilled to attend and speak given this platform. Where is the workforce headed and how can the new HR function enable business success? Attend Unleash World for ample opportunities to network with peers, and learn challenges and best practices from hundreds of inspirational thought leaders throughout the industry. View the full agenda.


Don't Miss this Session: "Using Employee Voice in Cultural Transformation"

Kate Mathias, Global Head, HR Change, Portfolio and Transformation, Standard Chartered Bank

DAY 2 - 14:40-15:00, IDEAS STAGE, EXPO FLOOR 9c4e2f60-43fc-11e9-b1e4-1541280a4c5b

After a decade of double digit growth through the early 2000s, the Bank suffered from considerable performance challenges in 2014/15. A new CEO was appointed in mid 2015, who immediately made a lot of technical changes, restructuring, raising capital, etc. The CEO then embarked on cultural transformation to turnaround the Bank's performance. Knowing most cultural transformation is not successful, the Bank approached the change by doing it with people rather than 'to' people, using employee voice at critical junctures to have their people define the changes that were needed.

Join Kate's session to learn how SCB is using the data from its integrated employee listening program and machine learning to crowdsource values and enact change in the organization's culture to propel business performance.


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