Listening to Your Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Turbulent times increase stress on and within organizations, testing our leadership, our people, and our culture -- as well as the strength of our relationships with others. As your trusted partner, we want to help you understand your employees’ perceptions of corporate response to the situation. To that end, we’ve created a survey specific to the COVID-19 pandemic that we’re offering completely free of charge. Available in over 30 languages, this fully managed pulse survey can be launched immediately upon request.


Listening To Your People Through Turbulent Times Is Critical

None of us can predict exactly how and to what extent COVID-19 will affect business. But there are several core business and leadership principles that will help build and maintain trust with employees during times like these. We know that it is important to demonstrate care for your people and communicate clearly and often, but these steps are just the beginning. We’ve written a short blog article about what leaders should consider during turbulent times as they work to maintain a productive culture and promote overall organizational effectiveness.


How Perceptyx Can Help

We’ve prepared a 16-question pulse survey specific to corporate responses to the pandemic. The measures in this pulse survey include indicators of confidence in leadership, perceived care for individuals, consistency in how policies are applied, effectiveness of communication efforts, and more. 

We are making the content and administration of the survey available completely free of charge. Initiating this survey in your organization is as simple as sending a Perceptyx survey link to a sample of your employees. We will manage the rest.

Clients who choose to participate in this pulse program will be able to measure employee perceptions of the response over time, compare internal responses to external benchmarks as they become available, and monitor and explore real-time insights related to shifts in employee sentiment across your organization through an administrator dashboard and reporting portal. If you would like to participate in this free pulse survey specific to the health crisis, please contact your Relationship Manager to discuss launching this pulse as a part of your organization’s ongoing response and employee listening efforts.