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What is people analytics, and why should you use people analytics software to reap the potential benefits? Many companies have heard about people analytics but are unsure how this growing category of solutions can help them meet their HR and business needs.


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About People Analytics Software

People analytics refers to the practice of collecting data on employee sentiment and behavior to identify trends, as well as the impact those trends could have on your business. Essentially, it’s all about analyzing your people. The powerful insights identified using HR people analytics software can help your business innovate and discover new ways of improving your teams’ efficiency and productivity. This is the next-level solution that can solve the common challenges of HR analytics. Furthermore, this software for HR analytics delivers more data to your organization’s leadership so that they can make strategic, informed decisions and ensure you are delivering a positive employee experience.

People analytics refers to the data and the principle. In order for that data to be useful, you need a platform that can collect that data and turn it into actionable intelligence that you can use to drive employee engagement, address high rates of turnover, and maintain a positive company culture. The solution is people analytics software.

Perceptyx is widely considered the best people analytics software solution for large enterprises. Our platform, and our integrated products for multi-channel listening, help you better understand your employees’ experience so that you can make your organization a better place to work. Unlike many other providers who are delivering only point-in-time surveys, our platform is built on continuous, multi-channel listening so that you can unlock full lifecycle data to help your leaders be more confident in their decisions.

The depth of the Perceptyx platform, complete with an HR analytics dashboard, allows you to select the listening type, channel, and cadence that's right for your business. We understand the role of workforce analytics in HR, but we also understand that more can be done. Our HR analytics software proceeds to help you turn that collected data into actionable, accurate insights. This data can help you go beyond the traditional objectives of HR analytics so that you can truly improve the employee experience. 

People analytics goes beyond the “what.” It can provide you far more valuable, actionable information, allowing you to find out the “why” behind specific trends and behaviors. For example, why does your organization have a high level of attrition? Why has there been a recent decline in employee engagement? How long is your organization's "time to hire" and how has that data changed over time? People analytics software can help identify the processes and behaviors that are preventing your people and your organization from reaching their full potential, giving you the answers that you might not have even known you needed.

Learn how to simplify employee data collection and analysis with a People Analytics Platform.

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What Is People Data Analysis?

After asking the question of what is people data analysis, it is time to ask what is good people data analysis. 

There are some key features that the best analytics software should have in order to provide businesses with best and most actionable data. One criteria is that it should be convenient and easy to implement into your existing IT and HRIS stack. Another is that there should be configurable permission and reporting structures in order to ensure that you can give the right people access to the data they need to see. 

Perceptyx is one of the most successful HR analytics companies because of how intuitive and easy to use its people analytics platform is. If you are searching for people data analytics, Perceptyx is used by more than 30% of the Fortune 100 and can be easily integrated into the fabric of your business.

Cloud computing is another feature of people analytics that can facilitate your company’s people analytics process. It means that you can process your data whenever you want and wherever you want via cloud-agnostic computing. The best people analytics software can help you connect with your employees using rich insights, transform this complex data into actionable decisions, and better understand what is impacting your business.

People Analytics Software: What Is It & Why Do You Need It?

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People Analytics Examples

If you are searching for excellence in people analytics, Perceptyx can provide you with some of the best successful people analytics examples. Perceptyx has partnered with some of the best and most successful companies in the world. More than 30% of the Fortune 100 companies have chosen Perceptyx for their people analytics software needs. This includes some of the biggest financial services, retail, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing companies.

With the help of people analytics metrics and workforce analytics examples, a business can more clearly take action to contribute to the overall goals and success. There are plenty of HR analytics techniques that you can use, including diagnostic analytics, descriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics, as well as workforce analytics.

When collecting people analytics data there 4 key focus areas for People leaders, especially for organizations just getting started with people analytics software:
  • Employee Engagement
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging
  • Manager & Leader Effectiveness
  • Employee Lifecycle (candidate experience, onboarding, and exit)

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People Analytics vs. HR Analytics

HR reporting tools and people analytics tools are often used interchangeably, so there is a common comparison of people analytics vs HR analytics. People analytics, also known as HR analytics and talent analytics, is the use of data analysis to uncover employee issues and trends, understand their impact on business goals, and evaluate the effectiveness of human resources initiatives and investments.

In general, HR analytics is the collection and application of talent data. It provides benefits such as improving business outcomes, boosting employee talent, and more. If your organization is seeking to run better and fix problems, people analytics software might be right for you.

Human Resource analytics can improve a business’ workforce performance significantly. It can offer business’ valuable insights through data-driven analytics, showing you what is working well and what can be improved.

For example, if your organization is struggling with high turnover rates, people analytics software can help you find out why those rates are high, and how you may be able to lower them. After making the necessary changes, your organization can then reduce turnover and increase productivity. People analytics software can increase your overall revenue and boost your employee satisfaction.

Explore how you can use people analytics to make data-driven business decisions.

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“Imagine you’re a CEO trying to manage 90,000 employees. Even in the best of times, you have no way to get out and talk to every single person, and in today’s volatile environment it can be near impossible to understand their perspective. Perceptyx allows us to have an ongoing conversation with the organization at scale; it’s the way we provide our leaders with immediate insights into the issues that really matter to people — and get ahead of them.”

Suzanne Hanlon

Suzanne Hanlon
Vice President, Employee Insights and Engagement

People Insights Platform

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Lifecycle surveys and always-on listening to keep pace with your people


360 Feedback and Intelligent Coaching to improve manager effectiveness

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