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The year 2020 has brought new challenges to obtaining and retaining top talent given the level of uncertainty in the world and in workforces globally. As employees struggle to balance family obligations and work priorities, organizations are scrambling to learn more to offer the support and flexibility necessary to retain those with caregiving responsibilities. 

In this session, we will share research on the childcare responsibilities carried by men and women, as well as research on the way both have managed this new challenge. In addition, this research helps clarify what policies and practices might impact their desire to stay or leave. This is a critical opportunity to look inward at our talent practices and ask the question - "Are we supporting women in the most effective way?” 

Join our panel of experts for this interactive discussion and learn ways to measure, support, develop, and retain women in this ever-changing work environment.


"A Fresh Look at Retaining Women in Today’s Changing Workforce" - Thursday, September 24th, at 8:00a.m. PDT


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