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From the COVID-19 health crisis and questions surrounding the return to work, to civil unrest brought on by issues of prejudice and racial inequality, the clear and vital importance of truly listening to what people have to say has rarely been more evident. Similarly, as CHROs and HR leaders work to lead their organizations along the road ahead, the dangers of relying on past data or old assumptions about people’s preferences and needs should not be underestimated. 

We have been collecting and analyzing a massive amount of data on these topics to help leaders, employees, and communities overcome these challenges and build a better world

Join the webcast to learn about employee’s current perceptions of their world and work environment today, and gain insights that can help you develop a more relevant plan for bringing your people back to work.

  • "Pandemics and Civil Unrest Challenge What We Think We Know About Our People" - Thursday, June 18th, at 8:00a.m. PDT

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