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As many assumptions in the world of work have been upended over the course of the pandemic, we still have much to learn about how recent shifts in our workforce will play out in the long term. Research has shown that for many companies, employees have become more productive in their new remote working environments, and are also inclined to work additional hours. In many cases, organizations are even reporting increases in employee engagement as well. But, how will productivity be affected as the initial novelty of remote work wears off, and the responsibilities of parenting in a turbulent school environment truly become the new normal? As your employees face new challenges in the fall, will recent trends in productivity hold true?

Perceptyx has collected data from organizations across the globe to learn how employee productivity is changing, and how that feedback varies on employee and manager levels. Join us for a live research discussion as we explore these findings, as well as the contributing factors organizations should be prepared for as we look to the Fall, and beyond:

    1. Children “back” to school
    2. COVID-19 rates 
    3. Self-reported productivity
    4. Weather
    5. Novelty

"Back to School Blues: How Will Changes in Employee Productivity Affect Your Organization's Fall Outlook?" - Thursday, July 30th, at 8:00a.m. PDT


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Meet Your Host


Brett Wells,
Director of People Analytics, Perceptyx


Al Adamsen,
Founder and CEO, People Analytics and Future of Work