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For us, the survey has become a true north. Prior to working with Perceptyx, our survey of Hitachi, Ltd.'s 100,000 employees in Japan took six months to analyze and a year to get results reported. Perceptyx turned that around with a cutting edge, real-time product. The survey is now one of the most valued tools inside Hitachi.
Levent Arabaci GM, Hitachi Human Capital Group
Perceptyx displayed intellectual curiosity in not only what we were offering to them, but in what we could co-create together. It was this idea that Perceptyx wasn’t offering an off-the-shelf product; sure, it’s the best product, but they’re far from finished and they know that together we can make something even better,”- Sean Dailey, PhD, 21st Century Studios
Sean Dailey, PhD Senior Vice President of Organization Development, 21st Century Fox
Using our employee survey, we asked our colleagues to tell us what kind of culture is needed to deliver on our purpose. We have been able to prove that as you empower colleagues on the front line, you change the relationship from parent/child to adult/adult. You get much better quality data and insights, and more importantly you get much better alignment.
Tanuj Kapilashrami Group Head, Human Resources

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